About Me

closeupcroppedSherrill Robertson-Bland, works as a background extra in films and television in the Upstate of SC, Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas. She was born in Toms River, NJ but moved to the midlands of South Carolina where her love of film and her career in graphic design blossomed in the historic town of Camden. Now residing in an area  strategically located between the tri-state areas she answers the call for extras and will drive up to 3 hours in any direction for a chance to be a part of something AWESOME.

Working as an extra is a rewarding experience and part of that experience includes making new friends with a common interest. Some aspire to become actors, others are supplementing incomes with the money they make doing this, still others enjoy marking this item off their bucket lists. Whatever their reasons, Sherrill loves getting to know everyone and enjoys seeing familiar faces whenever she has the opportunity to work at what she loves.

Sherrill hopes to create her own short film in the foreseeable future and is taking measures to learn how to do that. In the meantime, between the calls for “background action” and waiting it out in extras holding, she’ll just watch over the shoulder of the camera guy, watch and listen to the director and learn stuff.

That’s a wrap!

Sherrill creates designs based on her “extras” jobs and screenprints them onto teeshirts as a souvenir of her time on every set. One day, she may have enough to create a tee-shirt quilt.